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Defining Spaces

Originating in Sweden, developing in London and flourishing in Dubai, Studio Lykos is a boutique Interior Design firm specializing in delivering authentic interior design solutions.

What we do

We emphasize on defining spaces, inclusive of their functionality and aesthetic. Through interior design, we aim to increase the market value and potential of any property.

Product quality

Studio Lykos is a quality driven boutique design firm that aims to define spaces in such a way to create an atmosphere that will reflect the aspirations of our clients and bring to life their objectives in harmony with design.

new project

Chattels & More

This project consists of interior decorating and styling different Metallics Season settings for the furniture brand Chattels & More. They hold extremely unique and diverse items that differ from any other furniture company in the region. Designing settings for their photoshoot will reflect their items in a way that displays all the wonderful aspects of them. Additionally, it will inspire clients in ways to design their own homes using the products. The visual merchandising in store will achieve the same goals and direct Studio Lykos into the stylings of a retail space.

Work Ethic

Design Services

We earn our clients’ confidence through delivering ideal design solutions that are grounded in collaboration and experience. We hold an attention to detail that is fundamental to the successful completion of each project. As designers, we choreograph spatial influence through design and adapt to every clients’ individual requirements.

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