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Studio Lykos

Interior Design

Originating in Sweden, developing in London and flourishing in Dubai, Studio Lykos is a boutique Interior Design firm specializing in delivering authentic interior design solutions. Since establishing ourselves in Dubai in late 2018, we emphasize on defining spaces, inclusive of their functionality and aesthetic. Through interior design, we aim to increase the market value and potential of any property. Studio Lykos is a quality driven design firm that aims to define spaces in such a way to create an atmosphere that will reflect the aspirations of our clients and bring to life their objectives in harmony with design. We earn our clients’ confidence through delivering ideal design solutions that are grounded in collaboration and experience. We hold an attention to detail that is fundamental to the successful completion of each project. As designers, we choreograph spatial influence through design and adapt to every clients’ individual requirements.


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Organic Elegance / December 2018

The Slimming Center

The Slimming Center design goal was to achieve a serene space that fell between a spa and a health clinic. The client appreciated natural colours and materials, so Studio Lykos directed the design towards an organic presence. Using light oak detailing, concrete-look flooring, statement calacatta gold marble, neutral leathers and taupe statement paint, the designer created a space that felt calming and clean. As the space consists of four treatment rooms, a head office, changing areas and more, Studio Lykos created an organic shape between the structures, facilitating a natural flow of movement for the clientele.

Colorful Chic / August 2019

Apartment 2207, JBR

A revamped kitchen, fresh fixtures and bright finishes are brought together to redefine this newly purchased home! The design is focusing on improving the existing designed features and introducing a colorful design direction that is chic and reflects the design interests of the clients. Light shades of earthy colours such as green and grey will bring more light into the space and achieve a visually larger space. This approach towards spatial design will result in their ultimate haven which they can feel comfortable and blissful to move into!

Villa 44

The house had a full makeover and Studio Lykos was just so easy to work with and they immediately understood what I wanted and needed in my new home. They have skilled designers with amazing visions!

Diana Minnigaleeva client

The Slimming Experience by Carole

We were extremely pleased with the quality of service and commitment to the project as well as its innovative ideas. During the whole project, Studio Lykos was more present and committed than what was mentioned in their services.

Laurent Van Wylick client

Villa 84

She has re-imagined each of the rooms bringing them to life, incorporating personal preferences in her combination of colours and including personal photos and artwork. The final result is absolutely fabulous.

Jayne Morrison client