Dubai Marina,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Free of charge

In the consultation, the designer will make a visit to the site and go through an in-depth exploration of what the client is looking to achieve and take site photographs. The designer will also brief the client on the design process and aspects such as timeline, cost and additional requirements. 


Stage 1

The designer will then review all aspects of the design brief and provide the client with a mood board and digital or physical material board, which includes the design direction, the proposed furniture styles as well as the materials. The designer will also provide space planning sketches to explore flow of movement.

Partial Project

Stage 2

The partial project phase will consist of the designer making this design a reality. The designer will provide the client with a 3D render(s) of the proposed design visually depicted to scale. A drawing package will be created that consists of the required deliverables. Additionally, a specification document will be created for the client to approve all specified furniture, equipment, materials and finishes.

Full Project

Stage 3

Once approved, the designer will carry out the purchases of any furniture, fixtures and accessories. Lastly, the designer will be on site for any renovations and guide the contractors through the process to ensure a flawless outcome.